Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First RE Appointment

Today went better than I could have ever imagined!

It was a very early morning.  We had to be in Birmingham (about an hour away) by 8:30, but with traffic, we thought we should leave by 6:45.  Well of course traffic is nothing since it's the week between Christmas/New Year's, so we were there by 7:45.  They were able to get us in early though, and since it was a long appointment, that's a good thing!

I think we had every test known to man done today.  They checked both of us for all kinds of things (and drew twelve vials of my blood in the process).  The only one I know about so far was my ultrasound - everything checked out fine (no fibroids/cysts).  She was even able to tell that I ovulated this cool is that?  I've never had a good experience with an ultrasound, so this is new territory to me. :)

We also met with the doctor for a little bit, and gave her the medical history of every member of our family and of us.  She's a little suspicious of a couple of things - my grandmother had a blood clotting disorder, and those can be that could be our problem (that was one of my blood tests).  (TMI warning here) She also didn't like that I am spotting a few days before my period each month and during both of the pregnancies.  Sooo...I'm officially a Clomid user.  She said that Clomid can fix the before-period spotting, and can improve my egg/lining quality.  So, if I'm not pregnant this month, I'll start that next cycle.

The best part of the WHOLE day was finding out that our insurance covers most of this!  Thank you so much for the prayers in this area.  I only have a $5 co-pay on lab work, and about a $50 nurse consult co-pay.  Put it this way - my insurance saved us about $1000 just today.  And, if it comes to this, I'll have 8 IUI's covered under my insurance as well!  I am so thankful for all of this. (And yes, I am under PEEHIP for those that asked - it's fabulous!)

So now, we're waiting to see what the lab work shows, and if I'm pregnant this month.  If not, I've got to have several ultrasounds in a couple of weeks, and I'm doing a round of Clomid next month.  From what I know about IUI (very limited amount, mind you), they're basically treating me like I'm having one, except just not having the actual procedure.  That is a possibility for next month though, depending on how the Clomid treats my system.  We'll see on that one.

I'm still kind of digesting all of this, so I'm sorry if this is jumbled/rambling.  Let's just say this - I haven't had a lot of hope for the past month.  Now though, I really feel like these people are going to find what is wrong and fix it.  I'm very hopeful that this nightmare is going to be over soon!