Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sprucing Up

Y'all, my carpet was in dire need of some TLC.  We've been putting it off for forever, but it was finally time.  We found out last week that we're having Noah's family Christmas here.  I'm talking aunts, uncles, cousins...everybody.  

I know.

So I stressed a little about it at first, but now I've reached a point where I'm actually excited!  I get to have my house super-clean, plus I might just get some new furniture thrown in as a thank you. :)  More about that later...

Anyway, back to the cleaning.  So this is what my carpet looked like around 10:00 yesterday morning.

Guh-ross.  If you look closely, you can see the outlines of chairs.  I had NO idea how dirty your carpet gets in 2 years (we cleaned it when we moved in August 2008).  So we rented a cleaner and got to work last night!

I must say, he was pretty good at the cleaning.

This guy was not a fan of it though.  He would run out of the room every time we even brought the cleaner near him.  I kept on telling him we were cleaning it because of his nastiness!

And the finished product - ta da!  Looks SO, SO much better.  I already feel better about my house!

I also got in my new comforter set yesterday!  I LOVE it!  The old one was looking rough (after only a year!), and I had a coupon for overstock, so I took advantage of it!  My favorite part?  I paid a little over $100, and when I got it out of the box, a sticker to a WELL known home store fell off with a price tag of $250. :)  I LOVE that!