Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Cleaning

So, life's just been hectic the past year or so, and my house has suffered for it.  The LAST thing I wanted to do with my spare time was clean.  It wasn't like Hoarders style nasty, but it just wasn't pretty.

This past week has been my first full week of summer, so my mission was to get the house really clean!

I'm almost a little embarrassed to show the before pictures, but I figured in the spirit of full disclosure, I should.  Don't judge me.

It all started with the pantry.  I always have this bad feeling if I don't have an organized pantry (so I've had that feeling for around a year now).  Here's the before...

...and the after!

You may not notice a huge difference, but I do.  Everything has a place now, and I LOVE that.

Sad thing is I had let this much food expire.  Y'all know that bothers me.

I expanded out and cleaned the kitchen next.  Before...

...and after.

Here's our bedroom entertainment center (if y'all follow Flylady, this is a hot spot - BIG TIME).

Please note the luggage on the floor.  This picture was taken Thursday, and we got back Monday.  Seriously.

And here's the after...

I won't even show y'all what the rest of the bedroom looked like don't want to see it.

Here's the after!

 Our bathroom before...

(Clutter central.)

...and after...

Seriously, don't judge me by this next picture.  Our closet before (looks like a Brooks Brothers exploded)...

...and after!

And the living room.  It wasn't really messy before, but now it's super clean!

Yay for clean houses!  Now if I can just keep it this way...
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