Sunday, January 10, 2010

Working Weekend

Noah and I have both had a working weekend this week.

Yesterday morning, we woke up without an alarm clock (which, I must say, is my FAVORITE part of the weekend).  He went into work...he is trying to get his office organized, and it's much easier when nobody is there to interrupt him with customers, paperwork, etc.  While he was gone, I worked on blogs...ALL DAY.  Literally, I started at 10am yesterday and finished at midnight last night, with a couple of hour breaks.  I got four whole blogs done yesterday though!  Check them out.


I've been thinking a lot lately about how I'm going to handle the blog design business this semester.  Towards November/December, I got really overwhelmed with it all, and took a few weeks off.  I think the big reason was just because I wasn't organized about it at all - I just worked when I had a few minutes here and there.  I'm one of those people that feels out of control if things aren't organized, so it just got to be too much.  So, this semester,  I am going to have "working hours" for the blog design business - 2-3 hours on Wednesday nights, then 6 hours on Saturday (I'm thinking 10-4 or 5).  This way, I have a set time that I know I need to be working, and won't constantly feel burdened to work.  I'm going to take 3-4 blogs per week (depending on the week).  That should keep me from having to get some big ridiculous wait list, and will organize my time.  I feel so much better about it all now!

Today, we went to church this morning, and I'm headed to a wedding shower this afternoon.  Then, I HAVE GOT to get this house cleaned.  It's amazing how quickly your house gets messy if you're not paying attention.  I'm starting flylady next week!  Grocery post should be coming tonight too. :)


  1. That is a great plan! Can you please email me at and let me know how long your wait is?

    I am a new follower. Pop on by to my blog and follow back if you would like. It is nice to "meet" you and I look forward to following your blog. ~Jewels at A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

  2. Keep me posted on how the flylady thing goes! That sounds like something I could totally use in my life. Always feel like there's TOO much to do & not enough time or organization in all the madness!


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