Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Let's tell on every member of the family this week.

When my sweet beagle, Hardy, didn't have any food last night, we certainly did not feed him anything we could find in our house.  Hardy did not have popcorn chicken, cheese, tortilla chips, and dog treats for dinner.

That's unhealthy.

About 7:30 last night, my husband did not beg for peanut butter souffles like his life depended on it.  After some extensive bartering, I did not agree to make said souffles.  And I definitely didn't include one for myself.

I have not gone to sleep at like 8:00 the past three nights.  I am well aware that it was the weekend.

When I was in the shower the other day, and had no soap, I did not wash off with a lotion-based body scrub, only until I realized there was a little bit of bubble bath available.  I have not become so lazy that I can't get out of the shower for five seconds to get soap.

And finally, I did not break my New Years' resolution to only spend $25 a week on groceries (and subsequent punishment of not going to the grocery store the next week if I go over that budget) by spending 26 cents at the grocery store last week.  I am able to resist the temptation of practically free trail mix, so I didn't cheat, and justify it by saying that I only paid for tax, and that doesn't count.

Wouldn't that be wrong?

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Peanut Butter Souffle? Sounds delish

  2. I love what you fed the dog for dinner last night! I would never do that either :) Love your blog.

  3. Your blog always makes me laugh! Teaching wears me out so bad I go to bed SUPER early every night!

  4. PB souffle?? Do tell.
    And please take a pregnancy test! ha ha!

  5. Commenting for the first time, but love your blog. Also a teacher, so I know what you mean about going to bed early. Peanut Butter Souffle sounds delish! Might have to try that recipe soon!

  6. Found your blog from the Mckmama link. I've fed my dog that way. I've even gone so far as to make her rice and eggs when we ran out of food and I was too lazy to run to the store that night.

  7. Are you SURE you are not pregnant? 8pm to bed three nights in a row...sounds like me and I am pregnant!


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