Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reception and Honeymoon

I've been to a few receptions in my day, and mine was one of my favorites.

We had the kind of fun that the best flowers, the nicest food, the prettiest dresses can't buy. That being said, we had great flowers, food, and dresses too. :)

(To see more pictures of my reception, visit my flowers post from last week!)

Our reception was held in an old antebellum mansion in Tuscaloosa.

In the entry, we had our guest book and pictures of our parents/grandparents from their weddings.

We also had an area for the food (filled with Christmas-y, southern food, like fried turkey, ham, and crab cakes)...

...the cakes...

...the tables...

...and dancing.

The dancing area probably got used the most. :)

As soon as we did a little bit of first dancing...

...and getting some cake smashed in our faces...

...we had an absolute blast!

We had my sorority's candlelight (it's an old southern tradition at weddings)

and we danced...a whole lot. :)

(This is one of the funniest pictures from the wedding - Noah's best friend decided to throw an unopened bag of birdseed at his face. We still laugh about this one!)


The honeymoon was so much fun. We relaxed...which was much needed after the experience of the wedding.

We went on a cruise (what else with us) to Cozumel, Beliza, Honduras, and Freeport.

Our room on the ship.

So there you have it...the longest show us your life ever. :)

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  1. Your reception was absolutley beautiful....

  2. Your reception was amazing and that food looked SOOOOOOOOOOOO good! I just loved everything about it!

  3. What a beautiful setting. I loved the centerpiece flowers..well, all of your flowers. It was great that you actually 'enjoyed' your wedding and reception...not every couple takes time to really take it all in.

  4. Now THAT'S a reception!! Beautiful! We also had a table with our parents' and grandparents' wedding pictures. Loved all of your pics! :)

  5. Your entryway to the reception was BEAUTIFUL!! I love how you had the parents/grandparents wedding pictures. That must have been so special for your families.

  6. Hi, popping over from Kelly's.

    How BEAUTIFUL!! Everything is so classic and elegant.

  7. Wow, your reception was beautiful!! The flowers, the pictures...all of it! And the food looks amazing! :)

  8. How beautiful!! Everything looks so amazing, I just love antebellum mansions. We visited one in New Orleans on our honeymoon.

  9. i love the Jemison Mansion! So pretty!!

  10. You had such a beautiful wedding! And your honeymoon looks like it was nice and relaxing!

  11. Hiya! Lovely post. it looks like you had a really really good day!! Can I join in this meme?

    I have awarded you over at my blog toddler awesome :)

  12. Love the flower centerpieces... So cute!!! Your cake is beautiful! Makes me jealous of the whole cruise thing.. Ha! Ha! We went to Disney World on our Honeymoon...

  13. Oh my goodness, your food looked soooo good!! And your cakes were lovely!
    What a beautiful place to hold your reception - everything looked absolutely gorgeous!

  14. What a beautiful reception!! I like that you used your family's wedding photos. And the centerpieces were lovely!

  15. I randomly clicked on your link on Kelly's blog and I must say I LOVED LOVED LOVED your reception! I'm dreaming of my perfect wedding one day (far, far away! :) and I think that I might have to steal your reception location! I can't stop thinking about it! BEAUTIFUL!

  16. I LOVE your reception. Mainly I love the Jemison Mansion in T'town. Everything just looks picture perfect. The flowers are great and everything just goes so well. Beautiful!

  17. your pics are so cute! brown and pink were our wedding colors too! ps. your layout is adorable! xoxo

  18. What a beautiful reception ~ the food, cakes, and decorations.
    Your honeymoon looks like you had a fantastic time!
    You both look so happy!

  19. That picture with the birdseed is classic!


  20. Beautiful pics! You and your hubs make a super cute couple!


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