Monday, July 20, 2009

My Day

I am ALMOST done painting the classroom...thank the Lord! I'm pretty sure I might go crazy if I have to paint too much more.

Today, I got the rest of the zebra print...

and the countertops done!

Now, all I have to do is the backsplash of the's going to be white. And after that, I am DONE with painting my classroom!

I also got some pretty curtains hung...

and some of the leaves I've been working on up! I didn't quite have time to finish that today, so I'm going to finish it first thing in the morning.

So now, I'm about to work on a blog design and I'm watching the old live CBS coverage of the moon is TOO cool. I am a huge space nerd, always have been. I had a great elementary school teacher that was way into space, and she got me hooked. I actually wanted to be an astronaut when I was little!

Have a great night!


  1. I am a teacher, too! I just found out about my job last week--I went to see my classroom today, and I don't even know where to begin! Yours is looking fabulous!!!

  2. I can't believe you get to paint your classroom?! I used to be in a room where I was lucky enough to pick the color they painted it, but then I had to switch rooms and they wouldn't let me paint. I know, it sounds silly, but lime green walls made me sooooo happy! Plus, my 2nd graders all loved it too. Now, I'm just stationed in a room with white/the softest, lightest, faintest blue hue you've ever seen. Oh wait, you can't really see the looks white! :)

    Okay, now that I vented just a little ~ I LOVE your room and wish I could do something fun like that! I have to think about getting my buns in gear and getting my room ready. We start in 3 weeks. AAAAHHHHHHH!

  3. Your classroom is so CUTE!! Your kids are just going to love it! You will be a great teacher!!


    Robin :o)

  4. I absolutely love the zebra print!

  5. Your classroom is so cute! I am impressed that you got to paint it whatever you wanted. When I taught elementary school, that didn't happen.

  6. I love all the animal print in your class room! You did a great job. I am graduating Dec. 2010 with a degree in Early Childhood Education...I cant wait to start decorating my classroom!! :)

    By the way I love your blog..I just started following a few days ago! Towards the end of the month I may have you re-design my blog!


  7. Your classroom looks great!! I'll bet everyone at school is impressed by all of the work you are doing!!

    and I WANTED TO BE AN ASTRONAUT TOO!! Seriously! I kinda still do but I get motion sickness so I guess it is really out of the question for me!

    Hope you had a great day!

  8. Your classroom looks great! : )
    You must be an awesome teacher because just by seeing the amount of work and dedication you put into the room, I can just imagine how you are with the students.

  9. WOW! Your classroom looks great! I love love the zebra print. Did you do that freehand or did you have a stencil or something??

  10. Awesome makes me think of my schools theme this year (Get Wild for Learning)! It is amazing you get to paint your room, we don't have that option. I am in the process of setting up my room and it is such a daunting task. I had to move rooms so it's like I am starting over :/ Good luck with all your other tasks!

  11. Your classroom looks great. I am not very lucky being a music teacher because I have had 6 different classrooms in the past 4 years. I found out last week that they moved me yet least I am not doing music on a cart but I wouldn't be surprised if that is the next news in a call I will get soon. Good Luck!!!


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