Monday, June 1, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

What a cute little idea! A Silly Little Sparrow is taking my Not Me! Monday and turning it into something that's...well...not so bad after all!

This might just have sat in my laundry room for four days because I was spending quality time with my puppy (who missed me so during our vacation), catching up on blog design emails, and telling all of my wonderful readers just how much fun we had.

And what are these you ask? My reward for losing 3 pounds, thankyouverymuch (not that I was rewarding weight loss with food or anything...)

And this is just my sweet husband, protecting our even sweeter dog.

See? We're not that bad after all. :)

If you would like to make all of your Not Me's ok tell everybody how great you are, head on over to A Silly Little Sparrow for details!

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  1. Great post and pictures! Sometimes we have to prioritize don't we?!
    Thanks for playing along,


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