Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So This Is What We're Working With

I got to see my classroom yesterday! I knew from the get go that it was going to be a scary, intimidating, overwhelming experience, and it was. But it was also really exciting. I know I can do this (or at least that's what I've been telling myself for the past 24 hours), and I'm so ready to give it a try!

This used to be a middle school, so it looks very, well, middle school-ish. The blue and red stripe around the room is going to be painted (probably a bright, lime green and purple). All I kept thinking was how big the room was. Good because I'll have a lot of space. Bad because I've got to find something to fill that space up.

And I'm thinking jungle theme, so any suggestions or ideas would be super appreciated!


I have been lucky enough to help out this mom for the past week or so. Her son was just diagnosed with leukemia, and she asked me to design the site so she could keep everyone updated on his progress. Of course I said yes, and even though the site is done, I think she's still having some trouble getting the domain name to work (if you want to try, I linked to it by clicking on the header). However, you can always go to her main site to read all about it (and I did the "Ezra's Story" button on that site too!).

I also redesigned this site yesterday!

She has three precious children! Her blog is invitation only, so I hate that I can't link to it, but I at least wanted to give you a little peek.


  1. You will love the big room and you'll fill it up before you know it! I couldn't think of anything jungly...but I'll keep at it:)

  2. That's a HUGE space.

    I've been following Ezra's story. Poor little boy.

    I have no clues on how to design the classroom, but maybe you could google for some ideas?

  3. How exciting!!! A blank canvas to work with and you get to design it however you choose... jungle is so very cute and you will definitely have to post some pictures when it's all set up!

    I'll be sure to pray for little Ezra, and his family. You did a great job designing her button!

  4. That's a HUGE room. It *kinda* makes me miss those days of decorating the room for the kiddos. But -- after 8 years of teaching, I'm really enjoying being home with the boys. Now I get to teach them. :)

    Have fun decorating!

    Praying for Ezra, too. :)

  5. i use to teach K(but now I stay home with my kids) and i can relate walking into a classroom that is a blank slate is so scarey! ;) I used to draw my room off on paper and place things where i thought things would go... i think it helped. Also if your school will let you... build a loft aka tree house in your jungle themed room in one corner... i know it will look so cute when you get done... can't wait to see pictures... also another tip i would start in one corner and work my way around fixing little areas that way the whole room was not one big mess it at least made me feel like i accompished something :) GOOD LUCK you will do wonderful!

  6. good luck filling the space, I'nm sure you'll come up with something, and that precious baby will be in my prayers.


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