Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Laundry Room and Hall

Welcome to my laundry room!

One thing you can say for my laundry room - it's functional. One thing you cannot say for my laundry room - it's decorated. I'm getting there though.

I have an AWESOME washer and dryer. We bought them when we first moved in at a scratch and dent store locally for about half of the retail price!

My cute little lint trash can next to the dryer - it matches the trash can in my kitchen.

Our pile-o-stuff on top of the dryer is completely random. You can find anything from mail to license plates to Alabama's NCAA sanctions (haha Noah - now we know what you're doing at work!).

Can you tell Noah and I buy things in bulk?? There's really no other place in the house to store all of the things we hit up Sam's for, so it ends up here.

The other side of the massive storage rack - and once again, very random. It's mostly home repair things on this side, but you'll also find the occasional Halloween bowl. :)

You will usually always find a garbage bag full of cans tied to the back of this door...we try to collect cans for scrap metal.

All of our winter coats are always right next to the washer so we can grab them on the way out the door. However, come to think of it, I'm not really sure why they are there right now, when it is 95 degrees outside. :)

And I just had to show this part of the laundry room. I've mentioned before that Hardy (my dog) has this weird thing where he will chew the rubber cap off of the springy thing that stops the door and just leave it next to the spring. He doesn't eat it, he doesn't even really chew on it, he just sets it down. If we put it back on, he'll just take it back off. We are convinced that he has OCD.

While I do have a laundry room, I don't have a bonus room or play room - so I thought I'd tack my hallway on, since there's not a week for it.

Looking into the hall from the living room.

A little further down the hall - that picture is my absolute favorite of us (and is the one you see in my blog header!).

The room straight ahead in this picture is the spare bathroom, the room to the left of that is the office, and the room to the right of that is the guest bedroom. The room on the right closest to us is the laundry room, and the room to the left closest to us is the master bedroom.

There's not much to my hall, besides the Dirt Devil

and Hardy's beloved toy basket.

You'll often find him next to it doing this:

God love him. :)

Thanks for visiting! Stop by next week to see our master bedroom!


  1. I LOVE your dog - mainly because he looks just like my dog Calvin! He's adorable :) I really like your washer and dryer too!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh, I could never EVER post pics of our scary scary basement laundry room...the house was built in 1902. I'll leave it at that. I will love on your washer/dryer a bit though!

  3. Our laundry area is in the garage, yikes, what a mess.

    That's a nice laundry room. I'm jealous.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome house with us.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything! I dream about your washer and dryer -seriously :) I also love that you have a dirt devil :) Nice job!

  5. I love your laundry room! It is so big! My husband is going to put shelves up for me like that, he is taking his time though! Your puppy is so cute!

  6. Your laundry room is huge. Love the pic in the hallway and love Hardy. He's precious.

  7. I so want your washer and dryer LOL! Thanks for showing us around!

  8. Love the washer and dryer and the picture in your blog header is fantastic.

  9. What a lucky dog! Your laundry room reminds me of my old one which I'd take back in a heartbeat!

  10. I have that same washer and dryer and think it's the best money we ever spent. Very cute - thanks for sharing! And your dog is adorable!

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  12. We had a washer and dryer similar to yours. Unfortunately, the new owners of our house liked them too and we really wanted to sell to move across the country. They are now enjoying my beloved washer and dryer. I heart front loaders!

  13. Love the laundry room! I want your washer and dryer. I just started reading your blog not too long ago and Hardy reminds me so much of my lab...SPOILED, but I would not trade him for anything!!!!

  14. I love your laundry room! Your washer and drier are SO nice! I decided to "show" my hall this week too! :)

  15. We have the same washer/dryer, the same dirt devil, and apparently our dogs are similar too because our dog also chews up the door stops! :) Thanks for the tour!

  16. i like your laundry room! and your hall too :)

  17. I think you have a great laundry room....very functional! Lucky you with the deal on the neat washer/dryer!!

    Cute Hardy!!!

    The picture of you and hubby is just darling... just .beautiful people!!

  18. Your washer and dryer look awesome!!!!

  19. i love your laundry room!! wow! great paint colors in your hall too!

    see my home:

  20. Your home is lovely. And your dog is so cute. I love beagles.

  21. I like your washer and dryer. Aren't front loaders the best?


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