Friday, June 5, 2009

My Dog, The Comedian

Just thought I'd share some of the funnier moments of Hardy from this week.

Hardy likes to talk to us. A lot.

(You might want to turn your sound down before watching - I have one loud beagle.)

Hardy also likes to play EVERY TIME I make the bed. Especially when I'm changing the sheets.

Notice anything strange?

That would be my dog, who refuses to move from the bed when I'm making it, so I make him into the bed too. I used to think he would eventually stop getting on the bed if I just made him up in it, but now I just do it because it's funny (because it sure ain't keeping him off the bed).

And of course, he got some playtime with Dad, so I don't think he was complaining. (Most of these pictures are blurry because they were moving pretty quickly, and I refuse to use the flash when I don't have to.)

Finally, he likes to sit up in chairs like he owns the place (which, in all honesty, he thinks he does).

My funny dog. :)

We're off to a wedding in Jacksonville, FL this weekend - one of my best friends from college is getting married! She is probably the sweetest person you will ever meet, and I'm so excited for her! (She's on the left in this picture.)

Congrats Claire!

PS - Got another blog done today...this might be one of my favorites EVER. Don't think I haven't thought about stealing this design...but I won't. :) Click the header to see it...


  1. Your dog is too cute! We have two chihuahua's and the oldest, Paco, "sings" and gets made up in the bed...he won't move so I just make it up around him!

  2. So cute! I posted a video of our dog on my blog today also! Check it out!

  3. Your dog is *so* cute!! What a little ham!

    Have fun at the wedding!! I love celebrating!!

  4. Our dog Stanley has a way of disappearing under blankets and sheets- I have no idea how he makes himself so small but I've sat on him so many times!


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