Saturday, June 20, 2009


What do you think? I was in the mood for a little change on the blog yesterday, so I put up a new design! I like it so far...its a little bit cleaner.

Another change we had in our house yesterday was this puppy...

Noah got the new iPhone. He is sort of obsessed with it, and I can't say I blame him. I've had an iPhone for about a year, and this new one has several things that I'm totally jealous of, like video and voice dialing. And when I say voice dialing, I don't mean the doesn't-work-and-calls-random-people kind of voice dialing. It's the good stuff, trust me.

I've made fun of him pretty consistently for the past 24 hours because he has done NOTHING but play with his new toy. I would have been nicer, but he has always said he hated my phone and made fun of me for having an iPhone. So, you know, karma...

Add in a couple of splurges I made for the bathrooms this week...

...and we've had a few changes around here lately!

(that don't even START to compare with the changes we're going to see in a couple of weeks.)


  1. My husband has iphone envy, but w are Verizon people. AT&T has awful service out here in Southern California. Boys love their gadgets and toys!

  2. If you want him to put down the i-phone, instead of wearing pajamas to bed, dress up as an i-phone.

  3. I got an iphone when they first came out, as a "Christmas gift" from my my fanny!!! I could barely see the thing for a week! He just played with it constantly!!! Finally he got his own, and he plays with it constantly too! I guess the bigger the boys, the more costly and high-tech the toys!


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